What is Journey With Ang?

I like to think of it as my own little place on the interwebs, where I can freely post things relevant to others like me. You see when I think of social media platforms, such as Facebook, I don’t feel like I can freely write a whole paragraph about something that either excites me or troubles me. It doesn’t give my the freedom that having my own piece of interwebs does.

I am introverted and do not like to get into arguments unless of course, God’s holiness and character is being questioned. As I have noticed in this day and age, you cannot freely post as you please, on any social media platform, specially when you are a Bible believing Christian who is against a vast majority of all of the current social movements being pushed by the media.

Media, although necessary, can be so annoying and frustrating. And so, I started this blog to get away from the media and to be able to share relevant Christ centered content freely.

What can I expect to find in your blog?

Simply put, theology, books and healthy habits.

For years, I have been an avid reader and love to recommend books. So expect tons of reviews and recommendations from me. I genuinely enjoy taking about books, looking at books, buying new books, smelling books, if there is a book involved, count me in.

In addition to books, I’d also like to share some healthy habits I am adopting. They say you gain weight after you get married, and sadly I must admit, in my case it was true, but I choose to step out of that stereotype and fight to become healthy again.

Knowing I have no children yet, and hoping the Lord will bless us with one or two, I want to make sure my kids can’t beat me in a race and that I will have the energy to keep up with them. So I will share some of that here.

And when I say healthy habits, I intend to cover a tons of topics from healthy hair, to snacking, to making time for what’s important. So stick around, maybe you’ll pick up a few things.

I look forward to any feedback you may have and even suggestions for future post. Thanks for stopping by.

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