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November 2018

Healthy Hair Journey

How to get Stronger, Longer and Healthier Hair (Part 1)

Ang’s Healthy Hair Journey: We’re making progress!

I had written a while back on about how I was starting my healthy hair journey after years of heat damage leading to severely weakened hair. My primary motivation being this one instance a few months back where I had tied my hair into a ponytail after blowing it out. To much concern, I noticed that my edges appeared far thinner than they had ever been previously. I immediately began to freak out and assume that I was balding… like my father.

After having a long and drawn-out pep talk with myself where I concluded that women don’t bald overnight, I took to the interwebs for a solution. Continue Reading


5 Simple Things to be Grateful for this Thanksgivings Day

“I will praise the name of God with a song; I will magnify him with thanksgiving.”

Psalms 69:30 ESV

Despite my mutual respect and appreciation for both holidays, my sister has been recently complaining that I have skipped Thanksgiving and gone straight on to Christmas -and now that I’ve thought of it, she’s absolutely right. Over the course of the past week, I have already decorated a Christmas tree, gone shopping for Secret Santa and have sung along to at least 20 of my favorite Christmas tunes.

Continue Reading

Gift Giving, Thoughtfulness

Christmas Gifts for the Book Nerd in your Life

Christmas is upon us and I am ready!

I’m ready to make my way to a particular store with a specific gift in mind. Once at the store, I will make my way to the aisle where it is located, find it and pick it up. Then, I will walk over to the line for the cashiers, pay and happily return home knowing how delighted the gift recipient will be when they open it. Continue Reading


Resources for Christian Women

When I first came to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I was very confused about where I could go to learn more about Him. Coming from a charismatic background, I did not know who or what could be considered an adequate resource with regard to solid theology. In fact, was still learning about what solid theology even was. In this post, I am providing one resource that over time I have found to be very helpful in my Christian walk. Continue Reading

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