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Healthy Hair Journey

Healthy Hair Journey

How to get Stronger, Longer and Healthier Hair (Part 1)

Ang’s Healthy Hair Journey: We’re making progress!

I had written a while back on about how I was starting my healthy hair journey after years of heat damage leading to severely weakened hair. My primary motivation being this one instance a few months back where I had tied my hair into a ponytail after blowing it out. To much concern, I noticed that my edges appeared far thinner than they had ever been previously. I immediately began to freak out and assume that I was balding… like my father.

After having a long and drawn-out pep talk with myself where I concluded that women don’t bald overnight, I took to the interwebs for a solution. Continue Reading

Healthy Hair Journey

My Healthy Hair Adventure

For pretty much my whole life, I have worn my hair straight. It’s easy. Sure, it takes hours to get it straight but once it’s straight, that’s it.

I have been relaxing my hair since I was a kid. I didn’t really think much of it. It made taming my mane easier and I still do it. The only thing is that now I am beginning to notice the negative effects of the relaxer and the heat treatment I constantly underwent.

My hair is now very thin when straightened Continue Reading

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